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Good afternoon,

Since COVID-19 we are unable to meet in person, but I want you to know that
we are still here to provide services to you. I hope you are staying safe
and healthy during this difficult time.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your

Information covered in this email includes shopping tips, vehicle safety,
license plate tips, mail tips, and information from Blue Cross Blue Shield
about recognizing health issues.  Please share this information with others
who may not have email.

*Shopping During COVID-19 *

Shopping will be different this year with COVID-19. Please be sure to wear
your mask to protect you and the other person. COVID-19 is spreading
rapidly so be very careful when you are out and about.

Are you going to take advantage of the sales this holiday season? Whether
you are committed to Black Friday bargains at midnight, weekday shopping,
online purchases or last-minute deals, Safe Streets has a few tips to keep
you safe while shopping this holiday season.

•         Know your surroundings and put the cell phone away when you’re
walking in public.
Walk confidently, in well-lit areas, paying attention to the people around

•     Never leave a purse or wallet unattended — especially in a shopping
cart, vehicle or
             restroom stall floor. Ladies, consider wearing a “cross-body”
style purse.

•     Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and take only the credit card(s)
you need.

•     Never leave purchases in plain sight in your vehicle. Store them in
your trunk or take
             them home!

•     Be patient with people and with other vehicles!

If ordering online, here are a couple of things you can do to ensure your
package is received:

     •      Request a signature confirmation of delivery

     •      Ask neighbors to watch for deliveries and agree to secure each
other’s packages

     •      Deliver to workplace (if allowed)

     •      Track packages online

     •      Sign up for text notifications of delivery status.

*Protecting Your Vehicle and Belongings* Nothing is more frustrating than
going to get in your car, only to find the window smashed and your
belongings gone.   There are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of
this happening to you.   First of all, remove all valuables from sight. A
car burglar typically walks through a parking area peering into cars just
looking for something of interest to him or her. If you have a removable
(pullout) stereo or faceplate, that is ideal! If not, at least remove
accessories that may draw attention to the stereo. (CDs, tapes, remotes,
etc.) Also, remove cell phones, briefcases, and duffle bags. Do not leave
loose change in the cup holder or ash tray - that may attract a thief. Law
enforcement reminds us to never leave a gun in your vehicle.   *License
plates* Next time you go to a hardware store, purchase a couple of “tamper
resistant bolts.”  Replace the screws that secure your license plate to
your car with these. This will slow down anyone trying to steal your plate
because they will need a special tool and will likely just move to the next
car. In addition, when you put your next registration sticker on your
vehicle, remove the old ones layered underneath. If your sticker is
securely adhered to the metal plate and someone tries to peel it off it
will pull apart and void the sticker. If you have layered the sticker
already, you may want to use a razor blade and carve an “X” through the
sticker. This will discourage a thief who will see the sticker coming off
in four little parts if they try to remove it.

*To keep your car from becoming a statistic: *

·                     Always lock all doors.

·                     Roll windows up tight.

·                     Park in heavily traveled areas.

·                     Don't hide spare keys-they can be found.

·                     Don't think it can't happen to you-act before, not
after the crime.

While you've been reading this information, 10 cars were stolen in this
country. They were stolen because the opportunity was there. If you have
taken these protective measures, you may deter the theft of your car and
save yourself a lot of money and inconvenience!


A neighborhood told me that someone is taking mail out of their mailbox.
Just a reminder, it is best to take the mail to the post office because
once a person puts mail in the mailbox with the flag up, it is an
opportunity for someone to know that a person may be paying a bill or other
mail that might have their personal information.  If a person is not able
to take mail to the post office, it might be good to know about when the
mail carrier is in your neighborhood.

Please let me know if I can provide specific information to you.  As
always, we are here to help make neighborhoods safe.



Judy Wilson, CAP, OM

Office Manager

National Night Out Program Coordinator

PARS | Safe Streets

2209 SW 29

Topeka, KS 66611

785.266.4606, Ext. 306

jwilson at safestreets.org
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