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Subject: [KTWU-PREVIEWS] How the Virus Affects Us Locally TONIGHT on KTWU

Hope you are well and exercising prudence in your daily lives to stay well
and contain COVID-19.

We wanted to make sure that you are aware of the *important I’ve Got Issues
(IGI) episode airing tonight at 8pm.*  It will cover the COVID-19 pandemic
however it will focus on how it is affecting us *LOCALLY.*  IGI will air
immediately after a NewsHour Special with Judy Woodruff.  Please read the
release below for more detailed information.

KTWU/PBS is still #1 in public trust and objective reporting.   Please tune
in tonight  for the two hour reporting covering the global, national and
local effects of COVID-19.

With the schools closing for the foreseeable future.  please remember that
KTWU/PBS is a trusted source *for childhood education* with daily shows
that teach our children.

For Educator and Parent resources to help in your efforts work with your
children and for more information, go to *KTWU.org* then click on
*Resources* along the top menu bar and in the drop down box you will
options for you to look at.  You can also go to PBSkids.org.

>From all of us at KTWU,

Be well, be safe.

*TONIGHT KTWU’s I’VE GOT ISSUES Covers The Virus and You*

Live from the KTWU studio tonight presenting the most up-to-date
information available, *I’VE GOT ISSUES* special guests will tell viewers
how the Coronavirus affects us locally and what we need to know. *KTWU I’VE
GOT ISSUES* airs tonight, Thursday, March 19, 2020, at 8 p.m. on KTWU,
channel 11.1.

The program will cover access to testing, symptoms, what to do if you feel
sick; and the impact it will have on the lifestyle and routines of Kansas
residents for the future.

For *IGI* this week our in-studio guests will be Dusty Nichols of Shawnee
County’s Emergency Management and Dr. Gianfranco Pezzino from Kansas Health
Institute. *IGI* is hosted this week by Washburn University Professor and
Chair of Political Science, Dr. Bob Beatty.

Preceding the I’VE GOT ISSUES program, PBS will present *“Confronting
Coronavirus: A NewsHour Special*” at 7 p.m. This special focuses on health
precautions for individuals and the public-at-large as well as the
pandemic's economic impact in both the United States and globally. Anchored
by NewsHour's Managing Editor Judy Woodruff, it includes interviews with
officials; reporting from NewsHour's bench of special correspondents
throughout the world; and a virtual town hall with curated questions from
people across America to be moderated by

NewsHour correspondents Amna Nawaz and William Brangham.

Now in our 55th year, KTWU broadcasts local public television in eastern
Kansas and portions of Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma to an available
audience of over one million viewers.

KTWU was the first public television station in the state of Kansas. For
more information on KTWU, visit *ktwu.org <http://ktwu.org>*.


*Provides programs and services that enrich the lives of those we reach*

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