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*Good morning!* I hope you’re settling into the New Year and counting the
days until spring!

The February Real-World Parenting Topic of the Month is childhood
depression. It’s normal for kids and teens to feel sad, grouchy or angry
sometimes, but when it goes on for days, weeks and even longer, it could be

A live Real-World Parenting Q&A session will be offered via Zoom on
Thursday, February 24, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. FSGC’s Dana Thomas, LMLP, will
answer questions from Q&A attendees as well as pre-submitted questions.

The Real-World Parenting Q&A is *FREE*, but parents have to register to get
the Zoom link. That’s also when they’ll have the chance to pre-submit a
question for the Q&A. To register, visit
<https://www.FSGCtopeka.com/parenting> and look for the Topic of the Month.

Parents and guardians can also watch short, informational videos on
childhood depression each of the first three Thursdays of the month. Check
them out at FSGC’s Facebook page (*facebook.com/fsgctopeka

I’ve attached this month’s flyer with all the dates and details. Please
share it in your communications (e-newsletters, emails, social media, etc.)
with parents, staff members, colleagues and others who might be interested
and encourage them to join us! We also have information on our Facebook

The goal of Real-World Parenting is to pass along ideas and advice that
parents can actually use to raise healthier, happier kids. If you have any
questions about Real-World Parenting Conversations, feel free to e-mail or
call Jim Williamson at (270.8907). Thanks for helping us get the word out!

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*Jim Williamson*

Coordinator, Grants & Communication
Family Service & Guidance Center, Topeka

Rachelle Vega-Retana, Grants Administrator

City of Topeka, Dept. of Planning & Development

Division of Housing Services

620 SE Madison St
1st Floor – Unit 8

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Phone: (785) 368-4490

Fax:      (785) 368-2546

Email:    rvretana at topeka.org

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