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At 1501 Boswell please enjoy (take) the sidewalk chalk, colored pencils and paper for our young artists in College Hill....please help yourself.

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Hello, Good Neighbors!

In the midst of this quarantine, many of us may be experiencing the strain of social distancing and our lack of social interaction with friends and neighbors. 

To brighten our spirits and the spirits of passersby, we encourage you to decorate your houses.  You may choose to use bright colors, fabrics, lights - anything that creates a sense of whimsy and playfulness. Decorate your windows, porches, your fence and any other part of your house. 

Get the entire family involved. Create artwork with your kids using simple household items, art supplies and decor.  It’s amazing what we can find if we just look for ways to repurpose. Please, no leaving the house to purchase items. Be creative! 

Send us your images at president at collegehilltopeka.org <mailto:president at collegehilltopeka.org> or post your image to the College Hill Facebook page <https://www.facebook.com/CollegeHillTopekaNeighborhood/>. 

We want to support our local, neighborhood businesses as much as we can at this time. So winners will receive a gift card to a local restaurant or retail shop. We will choose winners every Saturday, starting this Saturday, March 28. 

If you have ideas, let’s brainstorm together. Add your ideas and thoughts to our Facebook page to give your fellow neighbors inspiration. 

College Hill will continue to be a place of warmth and love. Let’s keep that spirit even during a time of hardship. Thank you neighbors! 

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